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To The Doctor! June 2, 2008

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Chendas 6 month appointment is today! that means we get to see how much she is growing! unfortunately that also means she’s got to get her shots. i wish there was another way to vaccinate, but she does ok….once its all over! Thank god for infant tylenol!

Besides from growing like a weed, she’s doing all sorts of “big girl” things. Rolling over, sitting up, ALMOST crawling, playing in her walker (her favorite toy), and eating baby food! sweet potatoes, bananas and squash are her favorites. but she loves peas, carrots, and peaches too.

she’s been working on a tooth for the last couple months now and i think it’s finally going to come through here in the next couple of weeks (lets hope at least)! in the mean time shes putting everything in her mouth and being a drooly monster!

i will update her stats later she’s screaming at me!


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