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November 21st, 2007 June 1, 2008

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this was an interesting yet most fulfilling day for the entire family. not to mention freaking exhausting! not just for those of us giving birth, but the ones who waited around for over 12 hours to greet our little bundles of joy. this was the day that destyn and i welcomed our daughters, Chenda and Elizabelle (Ellie) into the world.

My adventure actually began on Nov 19th, but really who’s keeping track? i was lazing about on the couch watching my normal run of pregnancy shows (i have the schedules memorized and planned my day accordingly). i happened to be off work this particular day (yes i was still working) and wasn’t feeling all that wonderful as most 9 month pregnant woman can attest to. when all of a sudden i started getting some mild contractions. “no biggie” i thought. i had been getting these for several weeks now. but then when i started actually timing them i noticed they were coming every 5-7 minutes. which is..well..for me it was great cause it gave me hope. haha.

I texted chan about what was happening but didn’t want to make a big deal about it. turns out his work buddies sent him home. we went walking around walmart to try to get them to stop but they just kept coming faster. of course when i got home i called the midwife.  after a brief conversation i decided to stay home. i had an appointment with her in the morning so i didn’t feel a need to rish to the hospital only to be turned away anyway.

in the morning at my appointment i discovered that i was 2CM and 50% effaced. which is good. the rest of the day (and eternity it felt like) consisted of me walking. a lot. great excersize sure…but not with a massive belly and sprained ankle. nope. not fun. i finally gave up and just went to the hospital that night…..they turned me away after a brief check….suprise! my mom went and told me to go home and get some rest and she wouldn’t call me so i could sleep in. but to call her in the morning when i get up. “dont get up early” she said “just call me cause i’m NOT gonna call you”. and with that i went home to sleep.

i woke up at 8am to the phone ringing.  guess who it was!?!?!  “destyns water broke” my mom said. so naturally i wasn’t about to go to sleep. i hopped out of bed and got in the shower. i was gonna go stay at the hospital all day with her. and if i ended up needing a room, at least i would already be there! chan got up to so he could come.  the the phone rings’s Gilbert this time. “the midwife said when you get here she wants to check you and if your progressing she’s going to break your water”. really, who could turn down an offer like that?! that’s like, someone wanting to give you a free BMW. We got there as fast as we could (after cashing a lotto ticket and stopping for coffee for chan), and got all checked in and settled. the day went by so quickly and after 6 hours, one epidural, and 3 pushes, our little chenda joy was welcomed into the world.  just a few hours later elizabelle sarai was born to destyn and gilbert.

this was a day we’ll never forget!


One Response to “November 21st, 2007”

  1. christinaevans17 Says:

    What a great birth story!! I love the layout of the pics on top!!
    This is sweet… 6 hours, one epidural, and 3 pushes… not many people get sooo lucky!! I can’t imagine what your next will be like you’ll probably sneeze and have him/her!! LOL!

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